Automatic Online Narrowbanding
Add new FCC-required emissions to any or all of your licenses in one easy step!
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FCC now requires most wideband (greater than 11.3 kHz) Part 90 licenses operating between 150-174 MHz or 421-512 MHz to begin using narrower bandwidth emissions.
The deadline for full operation is January 1, 2013 (-472 days left).

What this site does:
  • We will look up from our FCC records all licenses you may have--you'll need either one Call Sign or your Federal Registration Number (FRN)
  • Show you which ones require narrowband emissions
  • Allow you to add one or more emissions from a list (your existing wideband emissions will not be deleted)
  • Allow you to choose which licenses you wish to process
  • Allow you to renew any license which is within 90 days of expiration
  • Check which ones may be processed automatically, and which may require coordination (adding new digital emissions, changing technical information such as height, power or location, or any licenses requiring a waiver)
  • Calculate the cost for license modification for those which may be processed automatically
  • Accept your credit card information in our secure online store.
Once your transaction is processed, all licenses you've chosen will be sent to a coordinator for immediate review. After review, all licenses which may be automatically processed will be forwarded to the FCC and any FCC fees will be paid by us. If there are any licenses which require additional information or frequency coordination, one of our coordinators will call or email you.

*** Please ensure that the Licensee Contact information as displayed on your license is accurate and current, or we will not be able to reach you! ***